Puah Eyal Raviv (laughingsnow) wrote in truecolorscon,
Puah Eyal Raviv

I thought this might be of interest to True Colors participants...over 18.

Ever wanted to play football with the boys when you were a kid?

Well, here is your chance (if you are over 18...sorry other True Color members we still love you!)

Open tryouts for the Connecticut Crush Women's Football Team!

The Connecticut Crush are entering their 10th year and are having open tryouts for all interested women. Don't know anything about football? No problem, we can condition you, we can teach you football, all you need is heart! We have players as young as 18 and over 50, we have players who are personal trainers in their working hours and ones over 300lbs. We have ladies from all walks of life and are looking for more to come on down.

We are looking for everyone from seasoned multi-sport athletes to ladies who have always wanted to try a sport but didn't think they could. It is a great way to get fit with other women and over time, you will find that great feeling of having a surrogate family too. :)

The Connecticut Crush are members of the IWFL which is comprised of teams all over the country (just like the NFL) and we play by the same rules as the men do...and hit just as hard.  We travel to away games as a team and love our home crowd here in Hartford, CT too!

Open tryouts are every Sunday 2-4 for the next month and are centrally located in Berlin, CT. Reply here or email me at angryduck70@gmail.com for more details.

If you ever wanted to know the feeling of standing in front of a crowd cheering you on as your team scores a touchdown, or want to know or relive that feeling of pushing yourself to the edge of what you thought you could do and then surpassing it, the Connecticut Crush want you!

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